Cast of Trolls 3, Trolls 3 Movie Box Office Collection, Budget, Trailer, and Release Date.

Troll 3 was released on October 12, 2023, in Denmark and November 17, 2023, in the United States. Trolls Band Together producer is Gina Shay and written by Elizabeth Tippet. Troll 3 Movie is directed by Walt Dohrn and the co-director is Tim Heitz. You will read here the Trolls 3 Movie Box Office Collection, Cast of Trolls 3, Trolls 3 Movie Budget, and Trolls 3 release date.

Last night I saw Trolls 3 Movie and according to me, this is a wonderful movie. Trolls Band Together is an American animated comedy movie. Today, In this article I am providing you valuable information about Trolls 3 Movie – Trolls Band Together (2023).

Trolls 3 Movie Box Office Collection, Cast of Trolls 3, Budget, Trailer.

Trolls Band Together is a Sequel of Trolls World Tour as the same the third installment in the Trolls franchise.

Trolls 1: If you haven’t seen part 1 you must. Children Must watch this movie. It shows the struggle of trolls to preserve their civilization.

Trolls 2: In the second part, the trolls get to know about their still different town. There are 6 towns in different places in the whole universe. which represent different music genres, including classical, rock, pop, etc. But the queen of the rock music clan tries to impose rock music on everyone by banning all genres of music.

Troll 3: The message of Trolls 3 is that if all the families come together, they can face the biggest crisis and win.

Information about the other 4 brothers of the branch is found in our Trolls 3. There is a place called Mount Jarius where Velvet and Vinny want to make a name for themselves in the music industry, but due to their lack of talent, Branch’s brother Floyd is held captive by Velvet and Vinny. Viva is the sister of Queen Poppy.

There is a diamond-shaped bottle in which they would have locked Floyd. This bottle cannot be broken in any way but only when the whole family comes together it can be broken. Such a theme is present in Trolls 3.

Below I have provided information about Trolls 3 Box Office Collection, Cast of Trolls 3, and the Budget of Trolls 3 movie, you can read it completely.

The Cast of Trolls 3.

We get to see some new voices and faces in this movie. It includes Poppy’s sister Viva and Branch’s 4 brothers. Below we will find all information about Cast of Trolls 3.

Justin Timberlake as Branch.

Anna Kendrick as Queen Poppy Cast of Trolls 3 and Trolls 3 Movie Box Office Collection Worldwide, Budget,Trailer.

In the 3rd episode of Trolls: Band Together, we will see Branch once again in a lovely and cautious role. Branch’s performance is both charming and hilarious. Justin Timberlake is back as the voice of Branch. In addition to providing Branch’s voice, Justin Timberlake contributed several new songs to the film’s soundtrack, including “Viva Braided Branch Hair,” and “Viva Braided Branch Hair”.

Anna Kendrick as Queen Poppy

Anna Kendrick as Queen Poppy Cast of Trolls 3 and Trolls 3 Movie Box Office Collection Worldwide, Budget,Trailer.

Anna Kendrick will also be seen in the role of Queen Poppy. She sings beautifully and brings Poppy’s energy to life. All in all, her performance is going to be another win. Poppy faces new challenges, which make her journey even more inspiring.

Eric Andre a John Dory.

Eric Andre a John Dory.

In Trolls 3: The Band Together, John Dory is voiced by Eric Andre. John Dory thinks he’s the alpha troll. John always trying to be cool and impress his nieces and nephews. He has formed the boy band Bro Zone with his brothers, adding another layer of humor to the film.

Below are other Cast of Trolls 3 roles.

  • Daveed Diggs as Spruce.:Daveed Diggs will reprise his role as Spruce in Trolls 3. Spruce
    This is the second oldest troll among the Smooth Jazz trolls. Spruce is known in trolls 3 for his calm demeanor and love of music.
  • Kid Cudi as Clay: Kid Cudi has given his voice to Clay. Clay is the middle brother of the trolls. Clay is shown to be silly and playful. He is constantly trying to suppress his stupid side. Kid Cudi’s portrayal is charming and hilarious, adding a new layer of personality to the troll world.
  • Troye Sivan as Floyd: Australian singer-songwriter and actor who voices Branch’s brother Floyd.
  • Camila Cabello as Viva: Cuban-American singer and songwriter who voices a new character named Viva.
  • Amy Schumer as Velvet: American stand-up comedian, actress, and writer who voices a new character named Velvet.
  • Andrew Rannells as Veneer: American actor and singer who voices a new character named Veneer.
  • Zosia Mamet as Crimp: American actress who voices a new character named Crimp.
  • Zooey Deschanel as Bridget: American actress, singer-songwriter, and musician who voices a new character named Bridget.
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Gristle Jr.: American actor and voice actor who reprises his role as Gristle Jr.
  • RuPaul Charles as Miss Maxine: American drag queen, singer, songwriter, actor, and television personality who voices Miss Maxine.
  • Kunal Nayyar as Guy Diamond: British-Indian actor who reprises his role as Guy Diamond.
  • Kenan Thompson as Tiny Diamond: American actor, comedian, and producer who reprises his role as Tiny Diamond.
  • NSYNC as Kismet: American boy band who voices a new band named Kismet.


Trolls 3 Movie Box Office Collection.

The Trolls Band Together movie is continuously in progress. The story and voice of the movie are wonderful. Troll 3 has received a good response from the audience. Trolls 3, which has been in theaters for several weeks, has grossed over $160 million. If we are talking about the domestic collection, then the Trolls 3 Movie Box Office Collection is over $74 million.

Trolls 3 Movie Box Office Collection Worldwide

Domestic (United States and Canada): $78.2 million
International $89 million
Opening weekend: $30,002,525 (38.4% of total gross)

Trolls 3 Movie Budget.

Budget $95 million
Collection $165,357,327
Hit or Flop Hit

New Trolls movie (2023)| New Trolls Movie 2023 trailer

Source: Box Office Mojo, The Numbers, Wikipedia


Who is the villain in Trolls Band Together?

Velvet is a former pop star who is jealous of the Trolls’ success. She is determined to steal their magic and use it to become the most famous pop star in the world.

Are Poppy and Branch dating in Trolls 3?

Yes, Poppy and Branch are officially dating in Trolls 3.

Who plays the brothers in Trolls 3?

Floyd, John Dory, Spruce, Clay, and Branch are the Brother in Trolls 3

Who voices Viva in Trolls 3?

Camila Cabello acted Viva

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